Shop.a.holic. The ugly truth.

November 22, 2011

It’s inevitable and a constant, and terribly vicious, cycle. I feel down. I shop. I feel down for shopping. I shop more. My guilty, guilty (and fabulous, might I say) pleasure? Anthropologie.

And I really must stop. I’m thinking of putting a blocker on my browser just for Anthropologie. I think I need it. And it’s time for me to come clean.


Hello, my name is Kathleen and I’m an Anthropolic.

(I think this is where I should say it’s been ten minutes since my last run in with Anthro.)

And the ugly truth is this: I will probably have these outfits for a few years before they become ruined, outdated, ugly to me, trashed by natural disaster or stolen. But that nice chunk of change that I used to buy them, it could have given me peace of mind. But hey, let’s face it, peace of mind right now looks pretty good, especially in silk and lace.


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