Shop.a.holic. The ugly truth.

November 22, 2011

It’s inevitable and a constant, and terribly vicious, cycle. I feel down. I shop. I feel down for shopping. I shop more. My guilty, guilty (and fabulous, might I say) pleasure? Anthropologie.

And I really must stop. I’m thinking of putting a blocker on my browser just for Anthropologie. I think I need it. And it’s time for me to come clean.


Hello, my name is Kathleen and I’m an Anthropolic.

(I think this is where I should say it’s been ten minutes since my last run in with Anthro.)

And the ugly truth is this: I will probably have these outfits for a few years before they become ruined, outdated, ugly to me, trashed by natural disaster or stolen. But that nice chunk of change that I used to buy them, it could have given me peace of mind. But hey, let’s face it, peace of mind right now looks pretty good, especially in silk and lace.


Did She Carrie Us to Blog?

November 20, 2011

I know I have already posted today but I am reading other blogs and wondering:

Did Sex & the City push a lot of women to blog?

Strangely, I can almost hear Carrie saying the words in each blog. It may be my Mac laptop or the fact that I’ve been unemployed for three weeks and watching a lot of old TV shows (and catching up on new ones) but I’m really piecing Sex & the City with blogging.

Call me crazy.

As an ex-journalist, I’m figuring my only outlet for writing would be this. So today, I experienced, for the first time, shooting a gun. What is it about heavy metal, a loud shout and the strong kickback that is so intoxicating? I believe, firmly, its something everyone should try. A good way to relief some tension, this not to exclude or top the old reliable.

So, here I am in Texas, shooting for the first time. Shooting I like. Texas I do not. It’s a miserable state for all those who’ve ever heard “Everything Bigger in Texas.” You know what’s bigger: the jerks, the desert, the prices, stupid drivers and rude shoppers. They are all bigger in Texas.

And please, for the love of all, stop calling it the South. Florida and Texas have always been “iffy” in my book.

Unspoken conversations

November 18, 2011

My sister is a 34-year-old lesbian, separated from her wife and in want of a baby. To bolster her own confidence, among a teetering marriage and the prospect of raising a child of her own, she started a blog.

I have to start by saying I don’t like the idea of blogs. I never warmed to it. (Ironic since you are reading a blog I’ve written. I know.) I tried to start this blog back in 2008, as you can see, but only could manage two cynical postings and one one-sentence posting. And thus ended the short lived blogging days of my past.

Well, today I read my sister postings. It was romantically implicit. I felt as though I could see the working of my sister’s private and endearingly self-conscience inner conversations. Dramatically and movie-like, I could almost hear her speaking it herself. (I know, how John Hughes of me.) And suddenly, and at once, I understood the thrill of blogging or rather reading it. It wasn’t another stay-at-home mom’s blog, detailing every aspect of both her so-hard-to-handle child and daunting daily tasks (I say this with a bit of sarcasm). It was something more real, almost tangible.

So, I’d like to thank my sister for bringing me back to the world of blogging. And to her quest for a baby, I hope that in a year from now, she’ll be holding one in her arms.

This is the sort of thing that I hate, when movies start and then those eight words pop up on the screen. After that, who knows what’s fact or fiction. I mean, I would have to research to find out what is fact and what is fiction in the movie. Not that that would be bad but why intermix the two? I actually thought I’d make up a story and tell you that part is part is fact, part is fiction but then I thought, who cares? No one. So I’ll stop now.

And oh, blogs are not made for rants.

The Great Depression

October 16, 2008

Photo Credit: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA-OWI Collection, LC-USF34-9058-C

So, I am at work and searching the internet for some kind of stimulating something. As vague as that may sound, that was as vague as I felt when searching. I came across a book that my poetry teacher, Dorianne Laux, had brought to class with these amazing photographs. This was another one that poppedĀ  up. The book is “Now Let Us Praise Famous Men.” And I think, how beautiful must she have been to be this simply beautiful with dirt on her face and the responsiblity of feeding children during The Great Depression, a great weight to such a striking woman.


October 3, 2008

Crazy is just another word for creative.